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With the cold temperature's headed our way, you certainly want your heat pump working at it's very best. The heat pump is one of the most over worked piece of equipment in the home. It is required to heat the home with a slide of a switch,

day and night, until we go back to that switch and ask it to cool the house for the next several months. These systems work constantly with little to no time off.

This is why properly performed maintenance is recommended twice a year. The first would be for the cooling season and the second is just before the heating season. These individual services are necessary as the outside temperature effects the pressure readings of the refrigerant. When you do maintenance regularly, you have a much better chance to catch an issues when they start. Keeping your repair cost lower and increasing the life span of the system.

If you notice any of the following issues it may be time to give us a call.

Icing up in the winter

In the winter the homeowner may notice a small amount of ice outside at the base of the condenser, if they have appropriate heat, than all is well. But if there is ice higher up on the condenser, and possibly less heat then this would require a deep thorough chemical cleaning by our HVAC technician.

Icing up in the summer

In the summer the homeowner may notice icing on the large copper line and compressor. This is normal in high humidity, as long as your AC is working inside the home there is no problem. If you have decreased cool air flow or warm air it is an indication of an issue and you should contact our office.

Short cycling

Short cycling is when your system kicks on and off quickly or comes on and off more than 5 times in an hour. This can over heat the unit and if left unaddressed it can burn out the compressor. This could be as simple as a dirty filter, issues with the thermostat or as complex as issues with relays or blower. It maybe time to call Dave Gregory Heating, Air and Refrigeration, LLC.

Blower stopped working

Blower stopped working or blowing warm ai?. If your system has a belt that mays have broken, a broken wire due to the constant vibration or a host of other issues that our HVAC technicians are trained to find.


Heat pumps are a noisy piece of equipment but when you hear different sounds its best to get our HVAC technician out there before it becomes a costly problem.


Musty smell can be from lack of maintenance to a clogged drain, which can lead to water issues. Sadly, animals do get into the systems and die causing foul odor. If you have a burning smell, that is not upon first start up of the heating season we recommend you turn the system off and call us as it could be a problem with the electrical wires.

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